Psst! Watch Phototropism, my new experiment.



I’m excited to announce that I have released a short music album titled Escapism. You can listen to it on:

Escapism is a cinematic journey inwards. It reflects, captures, documents parts of the music making adventure, on which I have embarked about a year prior to releasing the album. Each track on the record is different as each was created using different tools and different techniques. A learning process and an exploration.

When it comes to genres, I think the album overall can be classified as industrial-ish, but technically each track is of a different genre: there’s a pinch of soundtrack music, electronic, glitch, rock, noise, and a healthy dose of distortion sprinkled all over the record… Basically, the chances that you’re going to like it are higher if you dress all black.

Thanks for taking a listen. Please share this album with people who might enjoy it.


PS In the coming days, I will be sharing some behind the scenes details about Escapism in Instagram Stories. Be sure to follow me there, if you’re interested in process and tools.

PPS I have also posted a rather lengthy thread on Twitter about other aspects of the project.

PPPS Here’s one of the notes I posted on Instagram:

Finally, “Conclusion”, the last track on the EP. It is actually a processed old recording of “Passage”. I slowed it down, twice, creating a version at 12.5% speed and a version at 25% speed. Then I cut, mixed, and layered them on top of each other. The result is a radio message you hear in your head as you slowly run out of oxygen, drifting motionlessly in the harsh light of the local sun, tethered to what remains of the hull of your space habitat.

More music…