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Instapaper < Readability


I’ve been using Readability since it was a bookmarklet developed by Arc90. Today I use three of their products: a Chrome Extension, an iPad app, and an iPhone app.

A few weeks ago I decided to give Instapaper a try. I really wanted to like it — it’d be heartwarming if a sole developer could create a polished product and make a sustainable business out of it. Although I’m convinced that Marco is doing well financially, his product is far from being polished. In my three weeks with Instapaper I was mostly annoyed and often forced to switch back to Readability due to Instapaper’s parsing problems.

I gathered here a list of pros and cons of each service.







Update • 2015-06-26

About two weeks ago I switched from Readability to Instapaper because of the following reasons:

  1. Readability’s sync is slow and unreliable.
  2. There’s an annoying visual bug after switching between portrait and landscape orientations on an iPad.
  3. It looks like an abandonware: the last minor app update was on 2014-10-24 and the last post on their blog is from 2014-01-23.
  4. Marco sold Instapaper a month after my post. It’s become a better product in the last two years. I like it.