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Menu bar


One of the advantages of not working remotely is that I can look over your shoulder and learn about all these little apps. It couldn’t happen otherwise, because nobody’s going to blog about their menu bar.

Encouraged by the above quote from a coworker, I decided to write about the top right corner of my screen.

This is my desktop.

The wallpaper is “M3 Duality”. Apps in the dock are Finder, iTerm, Spotify, Chrome, Clear, and MacVim with an alternate icon.

The menu bar is simple. Most icons are hidden1 by Bartender. The only items visible all the time are network2 and CPU3 graphs from MenuMeters. I find them very useful when writing my own, and using other people’s, programs.

I use Bartender with a custom, transparent icon. When I need to access a hidden item, I click to the left of the network graph.

Apps on the above screen shot are Dropbox, f.lux, and Slate4. Other items are system icons.

  1. Bartender preferences.
  2. MenuMeters network graph preferences.
  3. MenuMeters CPU graph preferences.
  4. Slate configuration.

Setup series