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Mac software: 2022


updated in the spring of 2024

In May I’ve set up three different Macs (don’t ask) starting from a clean latest macOS installation. Here’s what I do and install, and in what order, to feel at home:

  1. update the OS
  2. if this is a laptop, enable “tap to click” in trackpad settings
  3. if this is a laptop, enable Touch ID
  4. Things
  5. Spotify
  6. SteerMouse
  7. tweak macOS settings
    • remove everything from the dock
    • download wallpaper from the pixel sorting post
    • configure dock and menu bar
    • disable autocorrection
    • configure spaces
    • configure hot corners
    • add Stage Manager shortcut in keyboard shortcuts
    • disable “click wallpaper to reveal desktop”
    • configure Finder
    • configure Safari:
    • open a video call, click on the camera button in the menu bar, and disable reactions
  8. Fira Code
  9. MacVim
  10. iTerm
  11. copy ~/.zsh_history from another Mac
  12. generate a new SSH key
    • go through “configure SSO” for this key on GitHub
  13. Homebrew
  14. copy Quake 3 sounds (used in git aliases) from another Mac
  15. dotfiles
  16. Hammerspoon
  17. Visual Studio Code
    • ⇧⌘P sync settings using GitHub
  18. VLC
  19. Xcode
    • general
    • text editing
    • install One Dark theme
    • increase the font size to 20
    • change the background color to be the same as in MacVim and VS Code
    • remove the “Print…” key binding
    • remap “Open Quickly…” to ⌘P
    • remove “Move Paragraph Backward/Forward”
    • remap “Move Line Up/Down (Source Code)” to ⌥↑, ⌥↓
    • remove “Duplicate”
    • remap “Show Debug Area” to ⌘D
    • enable Vim mode: help › search › “vim”
    • disable minimap: help › search › “minimap”

This is not a complete list of everything I use or tweak, but it’s a solid starting point that gets me 80–90% of the way there.

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