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Metal trees


For quite some time I’ve been revisiting the idea of procedurally creating images of stylized trees. I went through a number of approaches, techniques, and aesthetics. At one point I was working on a custom SVG renderer with a 3D projection. Different display issues in different browsers forced me to abandon this route and go full 3D. Turns out, this was just what I needed. This is my first generative project in 3D and I’m very pleased with the results. (I even 3D-printed one of the trees and I keep it on my desk.)

In this post I include a selection of images I created when working on this project: different algorithms, different seeds, different techniques.

My favourite are the ones with mirrored and repeated branches. They exemplify qualities that I like the most in generative art: patterns emerging from a large number of simple elements, organic shapes contrasted against unnatural precision.

Technical notes

Procedural series