Psst! Watch Phototropism, my new experiment.



This is the conclusion to the thought I had about a golden sunflower/turbine/radiator. I made it in Python and Blender, after adding support for surfaces to my metal trees generator.

Projects like this are my favourite: ones where I can go from idea to completion in one sitting. (With small adventures along the way.)

The video above is an infinite loop of a sunflower blowing in the wind. I find it especially mesmerizing and calming on full screen. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is a little bit too low for my liking — 1080p60 instead of 4k and too noisy, even though rendering took ~15h. Making the video at my desired quality would take almost a week on my hardware, so I accepted that the 1080 version is Good Enough™. Here’s a 5k by 5k frame to give you a taste of what it might’ve been, though:

(I like the details.)

Procedural series