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Sketchy procedures lead to a beautiful catastrophe


Last night I wanted to create a program that could make images that looked like pencil sketches. I started with drawing edges of polygons and it was OK, I quite liked the results. Then I moved to “coloring” the polygons, filling them with a zigzag. I noticed an unexpected behavior related to rotation of the zigzag. At first I wanted to find the bug and solve it, but in the end I decided to embrace it. With a little bit of tweaking it produces beautiful forms, some of which look three-dimensional:

The results of applying “divide edges” and “zigzag” procedures multiple times. Most rows show the same algorithm applied to a triangle, square, and pentagon, but there are a few images that don’t follow this rule.

Fill procedure development progress. YouTube mirror.

Stroke procedure development progress. YouTube mirror.

Update • 2016-03-26

I posted this to the Procedural Generation subreddit. I’ve never had a 100%. :)

Procedural series